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Just a quickie…

  • Google Earth Saves! WBOC, “Delmarva’s News Leader”, March 3: “GPS, Google Earth Used to Rescue Stranded Hunter“:

    Delaware fish and wildlife officials have rescued a hunter stranded on the marsh using his phone’s GPS signal and Google Earth.

    Clever hunter, phoning in his coordinates. No word on whether Google Earth saved any animals:-) (PS: Delmarva is in Maryland)

  • Google Earth, er, saves? The Times of London, March 2: “Google Earth showed protesters way to conquer parliament“.

    Demonstrators revealed yesterday that they had used Google Earth to plot their protest on the roof of the Houses of Parliament last week against the expansion of Heathrow.

    Personally, I’d also have used Virtual Earth’s bird’s eye view for such an operation… In any case, they still needed the help of an insider to get their protest gear through the door.

  • geotag_48.pngNew geotag icon: Got geotagged photos (or blog posts or anything else for that matter) on your website? Point visitors in the right direction with a very cool (free) geotag icon that’s hoping to become a standard. (Via The Map Room)
  • Photo revolutions: This is not strictly neogeo-related, but since interest in mapping tends to correlate with interest in photography… Over on CNet, Stephen Shankland has an interesting survey of what’s next in digital photography, from 3D to perspective shifting to focusing as a software option to panoramas. Everything except geotagging and geopositioning, actually.

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  1. Hi-

    A comment on you PS after Google Earth Saves!

    The Delmarva Peninsula is basically everything south of where the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays nearly come together (in fact there’s a canal that connects them). So in fact all of Delaware is on the Delmarva Peninsula, but most of the peninsula IS Maryland.

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