Links: ArcGIS Explorer API, Google Sky wavelength slider hack

  • ArcGIS Explorer API: ESRI is about to announce an API for ArcGIS Explorer, reports All Points Blog, and adds, “A few additional products in the ArcGIS Explorer family will be announced as well.” Yes! The Mac and Linux versions! Just kidding. Meanwhile, the official ArcGIS Explorer blog showcases an example of ArcGIS Explorer being put to use at the municipal level.
  • Wavelength slider: Microsoft’s upcoming WorldWide Telescope will support easy switching between different wavelength views of the sky. Robert Simpson at Orbiting Frog couldn’t wait that long so he has cobbled together a time-line based dynamic overlay for Google Sky: Each month in the timeline shows an overlay for a different wavelength range. Move the time slider to switch between overlays. It’s a hack, but in the best sense of the word.
  • Spreadsheet Mapper how-to: Eric Pimpler at Geochalkboard is embarking on a series of posts “on some of the lesser know tools provided by Google for creating data layers in Google Earth and Google Maps.” First up: Using Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0 with Google Earth & Google Maps
  • Google Earth video tutorials: Richard Treves at Google Earth design blog has posted a series of new video tutorials on using Google Earth tools. The twist: you navigate to them using Google Earth.
  • Megatsunami chevrons, anyone? Help paleomagneticist and science blogger Chris Rowan find more candidate megatsunami chevrons.
  • Nanaimo: Time magazine has an article about how the Canadian town Nanaimo has been georeferencing a chunk of its public services and published them as KML with the help of Google. Slashdot picks up the article, and Google Earth blog provides context.
  • Size matters: Whose mosque is the biggest? One way to find out is to take snapshots in Google Earth from the same height and with the height mesh turned off, and then compare them.
  • LOLmaps: Ethan Zuckerman has a fantastic blog post on digital activism that follows up on his talk at Etech, “The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism”. The gist: When activists start using a new digital communications tool, that is a sure sign the tool is ready for mainstream use. Zuckerman mentions plenty of examples that involve neogeography.

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