Links: Prokudin-Gorskii, Center of Gravity redux

  • –ì–µ–æ–±–ª–æ–≥: Valery Hronusov has started geoblogging… in Russian. But don’t let language be a barrier: He’s gone and georeferenced some of the most amazing photographs ever made. The genius Prokudin-Gorskii, “Photographer to the Czar”, contrived to take color photographs of the Russian empire in the decade before the Russian revolution. How? By taking three black and white photos through three different-colored filters, and then projecting all three negatives simultaneously at lectures. I remember being stunned when the US Library of Congress put remastered versions of them online in 2003 — color from a time when everything was supposed to be in sepia! Now you can see a subset of them around Perm, georeferenced by Valery. Valery, more modern-day comparisons like the one in your post, please? I like it!
  • Center of Gravity calc… that you can use: Ah, well, it looks like the last word in center of gravity calculators has just been written. What a slick implementation. (Yes, you can upload KML files).
  • Tablet PC with built-in GPS: The Axiotron Modbook is a modded Apple Macbook, turning it into a tablet Mac with GPS added for good measure. This should be perfect for running Google Earth in the field. (No, you can’t use it with one or more fingers though.) (Thanks Robert)

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  1. Modbook/GPS software question.

    At 4:48, this Modbook video review shows one of the engineers using a program that creates a live Google Earth display of the Modbook’s GPS position.

    I believe he said it was “GPS to GPX.” A Google search returns nothing with that name. Anyone familiar with that program or one that may sound like the phrase he mentioned?

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