Links: 3D mobile maps with Carmenta, MyMaps2VE, Ipoki+Flickr

  • OMG!: My Nokia N95 can do tilting 3D maps and textured 3D buildings, thanks to a company called Carmenta:

    If they can do it, where is the mobile version of Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth? Coming soon I hope. (Via the excellent Mapperz)

  • Google My Maps to Virtual Earth: Got content in a Google My Maps but want to see it on top of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth imagery? Chris Ring has just written My Maps in Virtual Earth, and posted about it on his blog.
  • GPS2Flickr via Ipoki: Ipoki (previously blogged here) is another contender in the “live position updating to a web gadget via your GPS-enabled mobile phone” space. It’s now got a newly added function, currently in a closed beta (email Ipoki to be included) that lets you send your GPS location live and then later, via their website, georeference your Flickr photos with the track automatically. The cool thing is that the photos don’t need to have been taken with your mobile phone, but can have been taken with any digital device that supports EXIF timestamps. Sure, you may want to embed the location information in the pictures on your computer, but if you mainly publish to Flickr, then this solution may appeal to you.
  • Egg on your Facebook: Wayfinder Systems is the Swedish company that in 2006 created Wayfinder Earth (blogged here), which does a good job of putting a virtual globe on a smart phone. On Feb 8 the company released a press release (in Swedish, translated into English here) announcing the availability of a Facebook application, LocateMate, that lets you share your location and your saved routes with your Facebook friends. Embedding your live location onto Facebook is a cool idea, so I tried to test it. Only problem: The Facebook application is nowhere to be found as of this writing on Feb 10. Oops.
  • David Rumsey’s maps in Second Life: Historical maps draped over 3D terrain that you can walk through. made by Nathan Babcock and reviewed (with eye candy) in Not Possible IRL. Definitely worth a visit — you may be doing something like this in a product by Microsoft or Google soon.
  • OS blocks overlay: That dynamic KML overlay of the UK Ordnance Survey’s tiles made by Gavin Brock and blogged back in December? Now blocked. (Thanks for the heads up, Frank)
  • HoudahGeo interview: Paul Robinson of Kupuk interviews Pierre Bernard, developer of HoudahGeo for the Mac. Interesting behind-the scenes info about what it is like to be an indie geo-developer.
  • Saudi oil map companion: Very cool: the blog Satellite o’er the Desert by “Joules Burn” (hah) bills itself as the unofficial web companion to Matthew Simmons’s book Twilight in the Desert (which purports to show that Saudi oil is running out faster than we think). The blog is chock full of analysis of Saudi oil fields, using Google Earth’s satellite imagery for visualizations. It’s an interesting use of the imagery available online.

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