King’s College London starts KML crowdsourcing projects

Dr. Mark Mulligan of the Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Research Group at King’s College London is responsible for putting online a remarkable and valuable collection of climatic KML datasets blogged in detail back in July 2007.

He’s just added some crowdsourcing projects to the collection — where you can help collect the data — and updated other datasets. He writes:

Just a quick update on activities at

I have added a series of GEOWIKI databases – these are collaborative databases in which users contribute to the development of the datasets which, when quality controlled, will be downloadable for use. We are asking volunteers to give up a bit of time to use the simple Google Earth based editing tools to add data for two databases at the moment.

The first is a database of the locations of dams visible in the GE imagery and the second is mapping large crowns in the Amazon for a research project on biodiversity conservation. Explanations of the research objectives are given with the datasets. Both will require a lot of effort to complete.


I have updated the Avoidable deforestation dataset which shows global time series of tree cover change.

A new database called Conservation-eye has been developed (last year). This shows recent tree cover change in protected areas throughout the world and is intended as a type of ‘protected areas watch’.

Terrascope has been updated to include almost global coverage for the LANDSAT 1990 imagery.

The others have minor changes (eg video previews) but remain pretty much as they were.

It’s best-of-breed stuff, so check it out and try your hand at being a crowd source.