UK’s Air Semiconductor promises 100x more efficient GPS chips

air_logo.jpgAs all of you who have used a GPS device (or a GPS-enabled device like the Nokia N95) know, there are two main problems with the current technology: Fixing and maintaining a position eats up battery power, and you don’t get an instant fix when you turn on GPS functionality. If only GPS chips were more energy efficient., you could keep them on all the time, which would make them useful in everyday photography situations…

Enter UK company Air Semiconductor, which says it has developed a chip that is 100 times more efficient than current systems, with the express purpose of putting it into digital cameras where they are “always on”, perfect for geotagging. Electronics Weekly has the scoop.

Over on Air Semiconductor’s website, you can read more about the chip, the Airwave 1, the “Always-On” technology behind it, and its intended use, geotagging photos. I am very much hoping this is not vaporware. (Jan 24 Press release)