EarthNC’s trip and route planner

I’ve just arrived in soggy Kuala Lumpur, tired and jet lagged after far too long in the purgatory that is Dubai airport. Tomorrow starts Global Knowledge Conference III, theme: Emerging People, Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies. If I see any really cool new applications of GIS in the service of development, I will be sure to blog them. In the meantime, I am grateful to EarthNC for writing the rest of this post, so I can get some sleep:

EarthNC, Inc is pleased to announce the general availability of the EarthNC Google Earth Trip and Route Planner tool. The Trip and Route Planner provides a simple method to plan trips or routes using Google Earth and export them directly to Garmin USB GPS devices using the free Garmin Communicator plugin. For non-Garmin GPS devices, EarthNC provides a GPX file download option. With the release of the latest Garmin Communicator Plugin, the EarthNC Trip and Route Tool works on both Macintosh and Windows computers. [This is new!]

The EarthNC Trip and Route tool extends EarthNC’s novel ‘TakItWithMe’ Google Maps serviceto the 3D Google Earth platform. Trip planning and export is done with a few easy steps. To share trips, users can e-mail their trip folders to friends and family within Google Earth.

To help get users up and running quickly, EarthNC has produced a short video tutorial which demonstrates Google Earth trip and route creation, GPS export, and advanced tips:

The Trip and Route Tool is a free service of EarthNC.

(And if you’re still here, on a completely unrelated matter, also check out Google Maps API Blog’s Using the Chart API in KML for Quick Data Visualization.)