Links: Gigapan public beta, ArcGIS Explorer timeline


  • Gigapan’s panorama tool for digital cameras is now in public beta, at a surprisinly cheap $279. Only 400 available this round; apply by October 19.
  • BBC News has a fascinating article about how indigenous people in the Congo basin are being given special GPS devices to map the locations special to them.
  • ArcGIS Explorer gets a Time Navigator. Powerful stuff that encompasses pretty much all the wish-list items for Google Earth’s timeline tool:If only it would do all that with KML…

One thought on “Links: Gigapan public beta, ArcGIS Explorer timeline”

  1. The BBC News article is very inspiring. I hope other logging companies follow this example of respecting the rights and culture of the indigenous tribes.

    The ArcGIS timeline feature is really cool!

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