Google Earth gets YouTube layer

It’s been expected for a while, but now here it is: The YouTube layer in Google Earth, for georeferenced YouTube videos. It’s in the Featured Content folder.


Mac users need to click on the photo to go to the YouTube page to see the video. PC users get to see the video embedded in Google Earth. Currently, the time-stamp info for the video isn’t used — you can’t browse chronologically through videos for a given region, say using the time browser. Perhaps such a feature will become more pressing when there are masses more georeferenced YouTube videos out there.

Remember, you can go back to videos you have already uploaded and georeference them now. (Via PCPro)

[Update: Google’s official announcement]

3 thoughts on “Google Earth gets YouTube layer”

  1. another similar tool is available since March, on top of google maps

    but on this one, the videos are selected according to minimum quality / relevance

    (meaning: I came, I saw, .. I share !)

    points of interest are classified in 50 categories (capitals, events, natural / cultural places, outdoors activities …)

    it can show videos from youtube, dailymotion, google video, turnhere …

  2. other alternative:

    for more relevant selection, with Google Earth 4.2 it is also possible to open .kmz files containing videos (from Dailymotion, Youtube, Turnhere, GoogleVideo…) about specific topics.

    As an example, here are some videos about world capitals: Capitals-V1.0.kmz that I collected from the wiki

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