SketchyPhysics, a plugin for SketchUp (Windows only): I had no idea that adding a physics engine to SketchUp would be so easy (for us users), or produce such fun results:

That looks a lot smoother than Second Life’s basic physics engine, though perhaps not as scalable. Still, Google Earth + SketchUp + SketchyPhysics + avatars, and we’d be having heaps of metaversal fun. I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon, but all the building blocks are getting there. (Via Think in Pictures, which has more YouTube videos to show you.)

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  1. Nice to see. I can see the potentials for use, including law firms being able to demonstrate accident scenes in an easier-to-develop environment such as SketchUp.

  2. Wow, really good!

    Another use: physics teachers could use that to show and things works (gravity, laws of X or Y) in their courses.

  3. But.. law firms ALREADY have tools to do all of that work. They don’t need sketchup to do it… unless they never win cases and are flat broke.

    Like everything else, it is just something fun to play with.

  4. Did you notice that I purposefully said ‘easier-to-develop environment such as SketchUp’?

    And yes, I think if someone spots the potential for a lower budget, it’ll be a win-win for any attorney — regardless of how many cases they try.

  5. *sigh*

    Please, get out of the fanboyism a little bit.

    It is not about cost, lawyers /do not do that stuff/ they pay consultants to do crime scene / accident recreations. It is a specialty job (almost went into it) and you have to have everything 100% correct and accurate, a case may hinge on a tree being off it’s location 6 inches and be 4 inches too wide.

    They might use it for a quick and dirty mock-up for the layer in his office, but what you would see in court is a much higher level of work.

    Maybe once it matures, who knows. But for now, this all is just in the realm of being a hobby tool.

  6. How do you view the models in Google Earth? Are they ‘hobby accurate’?

    It’s not about ‘fan-boy-ism’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. It’s about the fact that SketchUp is a much more intuative tool to use in the 3D world, and the Pro version is much cheaper in comparison to other packages that do similar things — but take double to triple the time. Sorry to break your heart, go-getter. But them’s the breaks.

    And I guess you must have missed where I said ‘potentials for use’ as well — which usually means just that — it has potentials for use.

  7. Hello.

    Looking in Google for applications using the Newton engine I came across SchetchyPhysics.

    I am the creator of Newton the low lever physics engine used in the plug-in and I must say that I am very pleased with what I had seemed.

    I am posting to address the concern about the scalability of the physics engine.

    I am happy to say that this should not be a concern because the next upcoming released those issues had been addressed, this newer version had been optimized for but industrial grade simulation and for integrative real-time simulations.

    It exploits hardware to the maximum while keeping the accuracy and robustness as the primary engine goal.

    Speed is not the only new functionality, and animation system base on sliding space time constraints will also be available, this is a technique that allows the adaptation on animation to follow the environment while preserving the distinctive features of the animation.

    Plus while is current version the number of complex bodies that can be keep on fly are counter the single units, with new version the numbed f using is counted in several docent, (this is a conservative estimate)

    These are some videos that can illustrate better my observation. (this is programmer are so I ask to be excused for it)

    Again I like to thank the creator of the plug-in, It is really a good work


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