Georeferenced airport YouTube vids, now in KML 2.2

It’s a little hectic here but that shouldn’t keep me from forwarding great new examples of KML 2.2 in action. Writes EarthNC‘s Virgil Zetterlind:

I’ve published a sort of fun YouTube Airport Videos KML here. It uses the embedded video support of v4.2 in windows, but also provides the video links for Linux/Mac users. Besides the video support, I’m using the new KML 2.2 KML linking options to support navigation between videos of the same airport without ‘spamming’ placemark icons.

The file was created by running a ICAO airport identifier search against the YouTube API. As such, it’s subject to errors and it misses a large number of videos due to poor tagging. Here’s hoping that over time more people will use the geotagging options on upload and that Google will better expose geotagged results via the YouTube API.

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  1. Do you have just an Airports KMl file? Like the one that is included in the Layers in GE?

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