Finally! Show Flickr sets as KML, on Google Maps

This made my day. Adam Franco writes:

Reading your post recapping your usage of Flickr photos in Google Earth/Maps reminded me of a small bit of code I had written a rough version of last year, but had never gotten around to cleaning up: a Flickr API script that converts all of the geotagged photos in a Flickr photo set into a KML file with a few options.

I’ve posted more details about the script on my blog and thought that you (and your readers) might be interested.

This is exactly what I’ve been wishing for, and it works wonderfully. You can choose the size of the photos in the popups, and you can even draw a path between the photo locations, based on the date taken, date uploaded or the order of the set. Using my set of georeferenced pics from the Alps, then:

View Larger Map (or get KML)

Adam’s PHP script lets you download the KML file directly or else open it in a Google Map. I did the latter, and then embedded the map to get the above result. On the larger map there is always a link to the KML file.

Adam has made the PHP script available under GNU General Public License (GPL), so you can download it here and run it off your own server if you want.

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