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As GPS devices and geobrowsers become ever-more popular, connecting the different ways of using geospatial content becomes more and more important. Ideally, you want to publish georeferenced content just once, and then let technology do the monotonous work of transferring this information to the web, the geoweb, and to mobile devices.

EarthNC has gone and done precisely that with the TakItWithMe Embedded Map Generator (beta). Reference a KML file published to the web (even a network link!), center the map, get some code back, put it on your website, like so:

If I update the content referenced by the network link, so will the map. This alone makes the Embedded Map Generator a usefiul tool for bloggers, but the buttons at the bottom that send you on to a larger Google Maps map, Google Earth or a GPS device are an especially nice touch for this (free) service. Publish once, view anywhere. (And yes, it works with Picasa’s KML and MyMaps.)

[Update 13:47 UTC: NCEarth’s Virgil Zetterlind comments: “Since the file you reference is a KMZ file, the send to GPS function won’t work properly (getting a web provider to support reading/writing ZIP compression in PHP5 is a major chore and one that’s still in progress). Since you’re mostly illustrating the concept of embedding, it’s not necessarily a big deal. You can hide the Send to GPS Button by adding the following to the iframe src url “&nogpsbutton=1″ if you want. One of my next steps with takitwithme is to improve error trapping on the GPS conversion for KML (My Maps have a pretty rigid defined structure so they pretty much just work), which of course is why this is still beta.”]

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