Developing KML 3: A live reading list

Via the Open Geospatial Consortium’s Mass-Market-Geo mailing list comes an appeal to collectively track the discussion on KML’s further development (now under the aegis of the OGC). Tag a relevant page with “ogckml” on or Technorati, and it will show up on KML Talk, part of the OGC Network site.

One person who’s been blogging up a KML storm is Andrew Turner over on High Earth Orbit:

OGC Agile Geography kick-off discussion of KML 3

KML 3 Kick-off, Module: Core

KML 3 Kick-off, Module: Styling

KML 3 Kick-off, Module: Metadata

Also via that tag comes a page of musings by Google’s Gregor Rothfuss on using Google’s GData API as a way of updating KML feeds.

Essential reading, all of it, if you want to influence how KML 3 will function.