AFK: Alpine trekking this weekend

In a few hours I will step away from my computer and head to the Swiss Alps, where I will continue to be afk for a period of no less than 72 hours while also incidentally trekking over some mountains with friends. I tried to remember when I last was away from my computer for three days straight, and came up blank, but then again I can’t remember what life was like before the internet. At all.

I have no idea where we’re headed — but we will be aiming for some of those 1,300 Alpine huts dotted around the alps.

I will have my Nokia N95 with me during my trek, and in order to not completely sever my links to Ogle Earth I will be updating my position regularly using Cristian Streng’s Gmap-Track (batteries permitting). As luck would have it, Cristian’s been developing an embeddable version of the location map. It’s real simple to use, and the code looks like this:

<iframe style=”border:0;padding:0;margin:0 0 10px 0;float:left;” scrolling=no src=”” width=”468″ height=”400″></iframe>

That’ll make a great little widget for the right-hand column of this blog if I make it back. If I don’t, please send reinforcements to the precise location marked on the map above:-)

6 thoughts on “AFK: Alpine trekking this weekend”

  1. Cool. But can you make it so it leaves a line or trail of dots where you’ve been?

    That way, we can better extrapolate your future position. Also, you can spell out “SOS” by just walking if you get lost.

    (btw, extrapolation is also useful for having the long-range missiles hone in. Perhaps add a time delay…)

  2. Now were you in the park because it was a nice day and you were blogging from there, or was it the only place your N95 managed to get a position fix?

    Hope you enjoy the Alps.

  3. Argh, I’m at an internet cafe in Geneva train station updating my travel plans while waiting for the train. I was in the park waiting for the restaurant to open so I could have lunch with a friend.

    That location also happens to be where Jorge Luis Borges lies buried. Came across him by accident. Who knew?!!

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