New imagery of Iran’s nuclear project now on Google Earth

A Washington Post article alerted me to a new report on Iran by the Institute for Science and International Security, released as a PDF on July 9, 2007. The report shows new tunneling activity near the Natanz nuclear complex on imagery taken by a Digital Globe satellites on June 11, 2007.

It’s great that ISIS is buying brand-new Digital Globe imagery to rush us third-party independent analysis of the continuing nuclear brouhaha in Iran. Last year, a report by ISIS showed new tunneling near another Iranian nuclear complex, near Isfahan. Just like last year, however, this imagery has been made available online in a PDF and not as an overlay on Google Earth. A KML overlay is far more useful, as you can compare before-and-after views yourself:


New roads leading into the mountains south of the Natanz nuclear facility.


Current Digital Globe imagery in Google Earth, without the overlay.

Here, then, is the June 11 2007 imagery as an overlay. (And here is last year’s overlay; download them both for a remarkably good overview of Iran’s nuclear project. Current imagery in Google Earth of the Natanz site itself is more recent than that of last year’s overlay, adding yet another step in the chronology.)

13 thoughts on “New imagery of Iran’s nuclear project now on Google Earth”

  1. I’m just waiting for any sign of an outcry from our own government officials, for using Google Earth to take a look at Iran’s activities.

    (A little wink there.)

  2. Why would the US government care if we see Iran’s activities? If this is truly the development of nuclear capabilities and it ends up provoking a war, then this would quell the conspiracy theorists… especially after the false pretenses for entering into Iraq.

  3. This justifies an all out nuclear strike from the US to Iran. My god they should be wipped off the earth. How dare Iran do somethings its neighbors do.

    Do any of you war natzis know that the pakistan that we support is a military coupe that over threw an elected government? And they have ties to terrorist, and they have nuclear weapons and not signed in the nuclear treaty? Neither is israel and they have nukes.

    Live in fear and use blinders. Nuke everyone. Why not? That way we dont have to wait for the terror of global warming ending us all.

  4. The point to my comment was in essence a slight on those who repeatedly attempt to sell us unnegotiable fear, based on the use or popularity of a tool like Google Earth — when there seems to be little outcry from the same parties when looking at other parts of the world.

    I never would have expected the kind of second-grade mentality that led to a couple of the responses to my comment here. Then again, perhaps I should have expected it.

  5. Radiation poisoning is a terrible thing to risk inflicting on your own people for something you could easily obtain by solar power with all those empty deserts,not to mention petroleum resources. Its just not worth it Iran, neither China Syndrome or Hiroshima syndrome. Let your beautiful young people have a happy future. Using nuclear energy to boil water is about as dumb a use of high technology imaginable. At least on planet Earth.

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