Links: More 3DVia, ArchiCAD to 3D Warehouse, Map Jack, OZ Jaws

  • 3DVia redux: Not content to just have Microsoft adopt its 3DVia technology to build a 3D Warehouse competitor, Dassault Systemes is also teaming up with Publicis Publishing group to create the password-esquely named 3DSwym, which will focus on something called “consumer journey management”, which I think means getting people to to interact with consumer goods packaging in 3D as it is being developed in order to get feedback from them and thus create something that they really want. Caveat Edsel? Still, another case of using 3DVia to keep metadata with the 3D model throughout the production pipeline, which is the future of such systems.
  • 3D Warehouse2ArchiCAD: First Photoshop CS3 Extended got a plugin for retrieving content from 3D Warehouse, now Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 11 gets the same functionality. Cadalyst has the news, and instrucitons.
  • GE Security: Avi Bar-Ze’ev offers to explain to NY State Assemblyman Michael Gianaris why his security concerns regarding Google Earth are unfounded. Also, as of now he is putting his technology posts up on Reality Prime, so update your readers.
  • Another Street View competitor: Map Jack. One sentence review: Higher resolution pictures but with a less fluid GUI that Street View, and currently for San Francisco only, so it will be interesting to see how this scales. (Via 3PointD)
  • Picasa Mashup: On the Maps API Blog, Pamela Fox explains how to mash up Picasa with Google Maps by creating a route for a georeferenced Picasa album. I’ve spent the last few days trying to add a traveling salesman solution to the code, but no luck yet. You’ll be sure to hear about it if I do:-)
  • Ozzie Jaws? Somebody’s been scouring Sydney’s Australia Day high resolution images available in Google Earth, and suspected two of the surfers are really a shark and a stingray. The news made it to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. The pictures in the article are not all that clear, so here are the placemarks; check for yourself. I think the shark’s a good candidate, but the stingray — no way. (Best viewed in Google Earth, not Maps — Maps doesn’t let you get close enough.)

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