Sweden’s virtual embassy in Second Life: Now featuring Geoglobe

What could possibly justify an 11-day hiatus on this blog? Getting Sweden’s virtual embassy in Second Life out the door in time for an earlier-than-originally-planned press conference with the foreign minister of Sweden, is what. Here are some screenshots of the finished product:

[Scroll down for a geospatial angle to this — it’s not entirely off-topic:-)]






And here is a YouTube video of the press conference and inauguration, which had simultaneous feeds between real-life events in Stockholm and in-world events in Second Life:

(Read more about the geek-fest that was the press conference here.)

You may remember that Ogle Earth posted about Geoglobe a few months ago — Josh Knauer and Stephane Desnault’s virtual inverted globe inside Second Life to which you can post geospatial information. I loved it, so much so that we used it in the virtual Swedish Embassy to pinpoint the locations of every real-life Swedish Embassy, with direct links to each embassy’s web site. Here is a YouTube demo featuring Belmeloro DiPrima, my avatar:

Do come visit us in Second Life. If you’ve never been in, you can get a free account and log on directly via www.sweden.se/secondlife. If you already have an avatar, teleport to the Swedish Institute sim.

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