Links: Google geo-ads patent; Street View competitor

  • Want to know what Google’s plans are for monetizing its mapping products? You could do worse than read the following patent application, filed by Google on Dec 12, 2006 and published a few days ago: Determining Advertisements using user interest information and map-based location information (Via SEO by the SEA, which also takes a closer look at the details of the patent.)
  • Webware has a sneak preview of Earthmine, a georeferenced urban imagery system that aims to outdo Google’s Street View with clearer, higher-vantage imagery and (it is claimed) 3D data gathering abilities. ETA is later this summer. (Thanks Andy!)
  • Evan Ratliff’s big Wired article on Google Maps and Earth is out. Evan auto-reviews it on his own blog:

    As the online version’s headline implies (or possibly, overstates to the point of self-parody), it’s about how Google Maps and Google Earth are altering the way people relate to geography. Perhaps more interestingly, it’s about how thousands of people have taken the tools made by Google and other companies to become their own mapmakers.

    It’s an informed and worthwhile read.

  • Feed Validator’s KML support has now been officially announced on the Google Maps API Blog.
  • The joint-US/Mexico/Canada Commission for Environmental Cooperation today launches a KML layer mapping US, Canadian and Mexican industrial pollutant data. If you live there, it is worth checking out pollution sources near you. (Via the Daily Green)

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