India govt continues its quest to censor Google’s imagery

India’s The Economic Times reports that, not surprisingly, the Indian government is attempting to use the news of the JFK plotters’ affinity for Google Earth as a planning tool as a leveraging tool in their own attempts to censor Google Earth imagery for India.

A high-level meeting was today held in Union home ministry to frame a concrete strategy to tackle the possible threat posed by Google Earth, which provides easy access to satellite imagery of vital installations across the country.

There seems to be mistaken assumption (or a deliberate misrepresentation) on the part of the Indian government that:

Google had last year assured New Delhi that it would remove high-resolution images of vital installations across India but security agencies still fear that militant groups could use this facility to create terror.

That has been categorically denied by Google. Another point not addressed: There are plenty of sources other than Google for this kind of content, including the exact same content.