Catch-up links 2: Panoramio, KML 2.2, Geocommons

  • Google buys Panoramio, the georeferenced photo hosting site with a default layer in Google Earth. Go Panoramio!
  • Documentation for KML 2.2 (beta) is up. Google Earth blog has an overview of new features, Digital Urban speculates whether the new PhotoOverlay tag will allow 360-degree panorama views inside Google Earth, and also whether Panoramio will be particularly well-placed to take early advantage of this tag.
  • FortiusOne’s Geocommons, announced at Where 2.0, is one application I wish I had had more time to spend on over the past weeks. Fortunately, Adena Schutzberg at Directions Magazine has given it a comprehensive rundown.
  • Tobedetermined!‘s Alexander van Dijk, who has been developing a system for visualizing a Google Earth user’s perspective over time, now has a blog dedicated to the project, with plenty of eye-candy documenting his progress: UGO, User Generated Orbit
  • More tricorder-like enhancements for my Nokia N95: ViewRanger, a UK product that comes with the entire UK Ordnance Survey maps loaded as well as panoramic 3D views for points of interest, the ability to track others on your own phone(and vice versa). The full version is not cheap at £150, but there is a free evaluation version, and the features do seem quite complete. Only drawback that I can see — no access to satellite imagery such as Google’s.
  • Wild Sanctuary’s sound layer for Google Earth goes live. Great quality sound — I just wish I could play them from within the application — at the moment, it almost makes more sense to play them from within Google Maps. And it makes me wish for 360-degree panoramas to go with the recordings:-)
  • Digital Urban is very impressed with the new 3D model of New York City in Virtual Earth 3D, and makes a salient point:

    If this level of detail was in Google Earth there would be a flood of posts on the web praising the next step in virtual globes, yet as its Microsoft the reception seems strangely muted.

    This is true, but at the same time I still don’t feel compelled to reboot into Windows to take a look myself, and when I examine why that might be the case, I come up with this reason: Until 3D buildings allow placemarks to be pasted onto their facades with the requisite metadata, we’re just dealing with (very pretty) eye candy. In other words, this kind of improvement doesn’t ameliorate my search experience, even though it undeniably makes for a more impressive and realistic view.

  • Mac photo georeferencing application HoudahGeo is up to version 1.1.2 , bringing the ability to export directly to Flickr and lots of welcome bug fixes. It’s looking very slick now. (‚Ǩ25)

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