Catch-up links 1: Parallels to do 3D; Streetviewr

Catching up and posting here, more for my own sake:

  • One of the reasons that I have not been reporting much on Windows-only 3D virtual globes is because even though I run a Mac that can run Windows natively, 3D graphics acceleration has still required a reboot, because Parallels Desktop didn’t support that feature.

    Until now. Parallels Desktop 3, out in a few weeks, will have support for 3D hardware acceleration, which means I will be able to run Virtual Earth 3D and NASA World Wind in a window on my Mac, properly, just like any other Windows application. (Via Ars Technica)

  • Boing Boing features a cat owner freaked out by the fact that her cat is visible in the window of her home on Google’s new Street View feature. She later features in a New York Times article. Point quietly made: Taking photos from the street is not illegal, but you can in any case exempt yourself using by notifying Google using the map interface.
  • It was a 100% certainty that a blog would spring up documenting interesting Google Street View images: Enter Streetviewr.
  • AutoCAD 2008 expands its KML toolset, including support for timelines. AutoCADder has the details and further linkage.
  • Ron Lake: KML and GML Working Together. Friends again!
  • An in-joke, but a good one, from the always excellent


3 thoughts on “Catch-up links 1: Parallels to do 3D; Streetviewr”

  1. Yeah, Powers of Ten was a pretty cool movie; I remember watching it in school and being impressed. I wonder if this was part of my fascination with Keyhole…

  2. Same here! Watched it at school here in Italy as a kid, and the fact that it was done in Chicago made it even more attractive for a 10-years old.

    When in 2001 I finally went in the Meigs Field area and walked close to the runway, beach and park, some 23 years later, I had a really weird feeling of deja-vu…

    I am sure that watching that short movie actually steered my interests towards technology, I was so fascinated!

    Ciao, Luca

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