Metablogging Ogle Earth

The twice-weekly posting frequency around here is going to have to continue a while longer, alas, though Ogle Earth’s loss is Sweden’s gain, as the world’s first virtual embassy in Second Life is beginning to look really good (even if I say so myself). The launch and press conference are scheduled for May 30, and Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt (who is a real tech-head and who also writes Sweden’s most popular blog) will be cutting the ribbon. Virtually, of course.

Tonight I fly back to Sweden from Cairo, where I’ll be spending most of the summer. I will, however, be in the US for a good chunk of June, first at ISDE5 in San Francisco (wearing my IPY hat) and then road-tripping up to Oregon before touching base in NYC. Plenty of mobile-GPS testing opportunities, then, though I’m getting exhausted just writing this…

Luckily there is Frank Taylor’s Google Earth Blog to pick up any slack on these pages. I do hope you also read his coverage — in fact I mostly assume Ogle Earth’s readers are also subscribed to Frank’s blog, as this allows me to avoid duplicate efforts.

I now hope to chase this post with a few more in the coming hours:-)