Google Earth hits version 4.1… any moment now.

Jan Wesbuer in Zumala, Spain, has just downloaded a new build of Google Earth. It’s version 4.1 (4.1.7076.4458 on the PC) — and I while I can’t download it yet for the Mac from where I am, Jan has included some screenshots with his own commentary, below:


First notice: It has “Tip of the Day”


And Watch in Google Maps Button


Two more new things: GE-Plus licences can now be deactivated. Tours are now playing much smoother.

Time to obsessively start clicking that download button? I wonder if the Mac version will have 3DConnexion support…

[Update: It has 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator support! And also support for a whole slew of languages: Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Korean, Arabic and Czech.]

One thought on “Google Earth hits version 4.1… any moment now.”

  1. Unfortunately v 4.1 will not allow you to install it anywhere other than C:, there are no options during installation. I had to do a clean install anyway due to a new HD, but, from what I’ve seen other people saying, if you have the previous version installed in another partition the new version will uninstall the previous version and then install the new version in C:

    Several people have taken this issue up in the GE forum, but, no official response so far.

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