Mobile mapping news: MoloTwit, FONFinder

Some more mobile mapping news:

  • Mologogo, a web service that already lets you use a GPS enabled mobile phone to update your position on Google Earth and Maps, is now also adopting the Twitter “protocol” for sending position updates via SMS. Here’s how to use it. (Via Make)
  • FON is a “social” wifi service that’s popular in many countries — if you share your own wifi, you get to use others’ when you travel. This makes it a tempting service for users of mobile phones like the Nokia N80 and N95, which have wifi access. The web browsers on these phones are not ideal for the complicated FON Map, however, which is why Rainer Simon is working on FONFinder. As Rainer writes on his blog, it’s almost finished. When he’s done, you’ll be able to submit an address and get the nearest hotspots delivered to you on a map. Nice idea.

And in the not-too-far-off future, I’m sure, you’ll be able to mash up Mologogo with FONFinder so you don’t even have to submit an address. Just ping FONFinder with MoloTwit and get hotspots back… and perhaps anything else nearby you need.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for getting the word out about FONFinder! For those who are interested in trying it out: it’s now live at Still very alpha though ;-)



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