Links: pmShare for Google Earth Hacks, KML Export for Wikimedia

  • Mickey Mellen over at Google Earth Hacks is back to his innovating ways: He’s developed pmShare. It lets you upload placemarks to Google Earth Hacks directly from within Google Earth. Mickey can explain the technical details better himself:

    Using some of the techniques I used for GEwar, I’ve developed a couple of custom network links for people to create, post and comment on KML files without leaving GE. It makes some use of the built in web browser (no way around that if people need to type in descriptions, comments, etc), but I’ve kept that to a minimum. Also, I figured out a way to pass their user info to that built-in browser (which I couldn’t do with GEwar), so they don’t need to be logged in on that session of IE for it to work.

    The idea was to make it easier for people to share places. Granted, it’s not real hard right now, but it involves adding a placemark, naming it, saving it, finding it after it’s saved, then uploading it again somewhere else. With these new scripts, this all just happens right in GE and posts directly to our site (and also gives them a “send this to a friend” link).

  • Do you use Mediawiki? KML Export extension is up to version 1.2.0. What is it? “KML Export is an extension that generates KML files for Google Earth

    from content in article pages.” Version 1.2.0 generates KML 2.1.

  • Ed Parsons has a good tip for getting your Nokia N95 to hook up with GPS satellites faster. Your N95, because I don’t have mine yet.