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I’m back in Stockholm for a week for work, and the first thing I did when I got off the plane was walk into a mobile phone store and get me a Nokia N95. I’ve had little time to play with it yet, but the GPS functionality sure works, and I am looking forward to finding out cool geospatial uses for it. I’m very relieved I write a geospatially themed blog, as it has provided the perfect foil for rationalizing the purchase of a $1,000 phone “mobile multimedia computer” (yes, that’s how much it costs in Sweden.)

Meanwhile a quick processing of Ogle Earth’s various inboxes and alerts:

  • Tagzania now also lets you post routes (in addition to placemarks), and Luistxo shows you how.
  • A localized version of Google Maps for Belgium is now live — forgot to mention that last week. This also means directions in Google Earth now work for Belgium.
  • Virgil Zetterlind of EarthNC, producers of marine charts for Google Earth, writes in that there is now a free online version of the charts. Both the free and the Plus version (on CD or downloadable) have recently been made Mac and Linux compatible.
  • The American Institute of Architects gets a default layer in Google Earth sporting really gorgeous textured models of American architectural icons. Frank has details, and a video demo. (Press release)
  • Got a Mac? Then check out this Dashboard widget: TNTmap. “TNTmap is a set of interconnected widgets designed to locate, organize, and view WMS geodata”, including in Google Earth.
  • San Francisco Emotion Map, in KML.
  • The “aid worker” who figured out that you can no longer download Google Earth in Sudan has a blog. And a good one it is too.

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  1. have fun with that N95… if you need some tips and apps check out under the freeware section for a good starting point. There’s tons of free S60 apps you can grab… to start, make sure you load Shozu, grab a good file explorer, and also check out nokia labs for some cool beta apps

  2. Luxembourg also got address geocoding. There’s no but searches work for that country when queried from Google’s mapping services (G Earth, sites, the map API).

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