Links: GPicSync, Ed Parsons => Google

  • GPicSync is a Google Code project for syncing GPS devices with the EXIF location metadata of photos, with the option of creating a KMZ version for Google Earth. PC and Linux.
  • Erstwhile UK Ordnance Survey CTO Ed Parsons starts working at Google as Geospatial Technologist for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Sounds like a dream job! On the occasion, everybody gets to make a wish: James Free asks him to make Google Earth free for business use, Christian Spanring wants him to lead the convergence between GIS and neogeography, and I’ll ask him to sync Cairo’s road data with the satellite imagery:-)
  • Google Earth Hacks is going multilingual, with a Spanish language version, and more languages promised.
  • Now Thailand bans YouTube because some users uploaded caricatures of He Who Must Not Be Mocked, the Thai king. YouTube tries to comply by removing the offending content, but new stuff seems to keep on popping up. Once again, diverging standards of free speech clash, with the most restrictive winning out and becoming the universal standard. If censorship of this kind must be practiced in order for Thailand to remain a business proposition to Google, then I would much prefer it that only Thai IP addresses suffer the consequences of their sovereign choices. Once again, this is a precedent with implications for Google Earth Community.