Darfur webcast, info pages now up and running

The live webcast and press conference launching the Darfur layers in Google Earth is now on. Check it out here, on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s site.

Also up and running now is the museum’s home page associated with the Darfur layers, where you can download the expanded standalone version. You can find out more specific information about the provenance of each individual layer on this page; there is also a long list on that page of people who volunteered their time and expertise to make this layer a reality, including Declan Butler, Brian Timoney, Timothy Caro-Bruce, Mikel Maron, Andria Ruben-McCool, Megan Goddard, Lars Bromley, Jeremy Nelson, Brian Steidle, Ron Haviv, Mark Brecke, Ryan Spencer Reed, Mia Farrow and Brian Flood.

Missing from that list is USHMM’s own Michael Graham, who initiated the project and whose tireless perseverance pushed this project all the way to completion, through numerous iterations and prototypes.

[Update: Here is the press release.]