Now I’m blogging Second Life as well

It’s been a bit quiet the past couple of days here on Ogle Earth, for two good reasons.

  • The nightlife in Cairo is insanely great.
  • I’ve been prepping the launch of yet another blog, (building the) Second House of Sweden. Here I’ll be blogging the process of building Sweden’s virtual Embassy in Second Life, but also more abstractly on Second Life and metaverses. For example, in my first post, I look at the place tagging that has evolved for the web, the real world and now in virtual worlds. In some cases they describe related places in different domains; wouldn’t it be nice to link these tagging services?

One thought on “Now I’m blogging Second Life as well”

  1. Great news Stefan! I checked out the Swedish blog and liked the banner graphic. I was just at the House of Sweden embassy here in DC last week and recognize that architecture in the graphic. Its a beautiful place. I was hoping to see a Swedish singer but it was all sold out. I’m not that familiar with Second Life, but your blog may help me get a bit more acquainted with it.

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