Links: Update for Vista; Panoramio hits 1 million photos

  • Via Virtual Earth asks why the 3D features of Virtual Earth have been slow on the uptake with developers, but has the answer handy:

    My personal opinion is the 3D has issues with being an ActiveX control that runs on Windows and IE only, it is not really web.

    In fact as a developer, if I know I am only targeting the Windows platform then a browser is not going to provide the richest user experience. I would be better off building a Windows application.

    It’s ironic (just a little) that Google, meanwhile, has a standalone application, though for three different platforms.

  • Overlays of antique maps of Russian cities, by Valery Hronusov.
  • There’s a new version of KMLer, the ArcGIS extension that lets you export and import KML, by Valery Hronusov.
  • Got Vista? There’s an updated version of Google Earth for you to download. (Via Google Earth Blog).
  • Panoramio now has 1 million georeferenced photos in its database. That was fast. There’s nothing quite like getting a default layer in Google Earth:-)

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  1. I love Panoramio, but it sure would be nice to have an ‘official’ Flickr layer. I guess that would be sleeping with the competition, though. (I know there is an ad hoc flickr network link available, but it is buggy and sometimes crashes Google Earth).

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