Links: SketchUp co-founder leaves Google, more on GeoGlobe

  • SketchUp co-founder Brad Schell has decided to leave Google, reports AECNews. The parting seems to be most amicable.
  • Converjed has more about GeoGlobe, the Second Life/KML mashup reported on a few days ago.
  • Oxford’s city government has virtually modelled a part of the city with SketchUp, and will release it to the public “once it’s to a completed point where we’re satisfied with it,” reports the Oxford Press.
  • TechCrunch’s rumor about Google having acquired street-level image collector Vutool is now two days old, and still there’s no confirmation from any party that it’s true. I wonder what Arrington meant when he wrote: “There are strong indications that Google is the acquiror.” That doesn’t sound like a sure thing, and remember, TechCrunch also got the Google Earth Metaverse rumor wrong. So we’ll just have to wait this out.

2 thoughts on “Links: SketchUp co-founder leaves Google, more on GeoGlobe”

  1. “The transition comes just 12 months after Google acquired the popular 3D design program.”

    Is the phrase “just 12 months” neutral journalism? What’s the average tenure of founders of companies who get bought by much larger companies?

    Why accept that someone wants to enjoy their money when you can imply there’s smoke where there definitely is no fire…


  2. Well, Brian, 12 months is still significant. He probably couldn’t sell his stock for 6-12 months after the acquisition. But he may have also left some of his retention bonus on the table by leaving after one year.

    However, I don’t think that’s a sign of anything going wrong. Given how big Google has become, I can understand anyone who has previously loved small companies not wanting to be a little fish in a big pond. I think that’s true even for the best of big companies.

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