Links: KML resumé, Antarctic Digital Database, AGX mashups

  • Ozgur Alaz puts his resumé up as a KML file. Gizmodo spots it. Ozgur hits the big time. It’s an interesting idea, but I am not convinced that the location of a particular job is its most important attribute.
  • ADD is short not just for a bloggers’ disease but also for the Antarctic Digital Database, which has now made its downloadable geospatial data available in KML format. You have to register, but registering is free. The database contains heaps of georeferenced measurements taken on Antarctica. Just choose your data layers with care, or you may end up downloading huge files. (Hosted by the British Antarctic Survey)
  • Jeremy Cothran writes:

    Wanted to mention that the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) is providing their latest observations data using WFS (Web Feature Service) and GML standards. Details here.

    While I’d still like to see something simpler evolve native to KML like ObsKML, it’s nice to see federal agencies moving in an xml direction with stronger content standards.

  • GolfTraxx tries a similar incentive plan as the one Google is using with 3D models of university campuses:

    GolfTraxx offers a course mapping guide through which golfers can quickly and easily map their favorite courses using Google Earth, then submit the Google Earth .kml file to GolfTraxx for addition into the GolfTraxx on-line database and credit towards free GolfTraxx gear.

  • Here’s hoping that Google CEO’s Eric Schmidt’s comment yesterday that Google and Apple are collaborating on “many more” new projects means that we can see some serious geospatial savvyness in OS X 10.5. iPhone + Google Maps is a nice start, but a GPS-enabled tablet with Google Earth would be nicer.
  • Location Based Soup promises one ESRI ArcGIS Explorer mashup per month for a year, and delivers the first one. This should make it easier for the rest of us to try out ESRI ArcGIS Explorer in a real-world scenario…
  • Map overlays of skiing stations in Switzerland, anyone? This links to a collection of KML overlays from publicly available maps. Makes you want more, better, 3D… (Thanks for the heads up to Rocco, who made it)

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