Links: Australia gets directions, Fledermaus gets KML

  • Google Earth now has addresses and directions for Australia, though no roads (as of yet). Doing a search for the place where I used to live Sydney proved spot-on:


    (Thanks to Michael Smalley)

  • Kurt introduces me to yet another 3D visualization system — IVS3D’s Fledermaus. It seems to be particularly suited to viewing and manipulating bathymetry data, and even comes in Linux and Mac versions.

    Kurt also shows off a new feature in the latest version, 6.4 — exporting to KML. His screenshots and explanation are worth a look. (No info on pricing for Fledermaus, so I’m pretty sure I can’t afford it.)

  • eZ publish, which I had not heard of before, is a Norwegian open source content-management system. Bjørn Sandvik used it to create KML templates, and you can see the resulting KML-savvy web pages here (in Norwegian).
  • Google Earth Blog highlights an innovative way to bring in-world video to Google Earth via clever use of the timeline.
  • NASA World Wind 1.4 is due on Valentine’s day. Aw.

3 thoughts on “Links: Australia gets directions, Fledermaus gets KML”

  1. Re: Australian addresses. This has been possible for some time – about 6 months. Directions search is now available on so hopefully this will flow through to GE soon.

  2. Directions _are_ available now in GE — it told me how to get from Sydney to Perth in an instant.

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