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Before today’s links, just a quick announcement: I’ve finally done it: I now deliver all the results of my productivity via the internet. This means I can work anywhere on Earth (as long as I’m near broadband), and I am taking advantage of this happy state of affairs by moving to Cairo. I’ll be arriving there on March 1, but until then I’ll be skiing. The upshot: Extremely light blogging on Ogle Earth this coming week, until I get my bearings in Cairo. If you happen to live in Egypt and are reading this, do get in touch.

  • Brian Flood has a preview of his Arc2Earth Publisher server product, showing a dynamically generate elevation overlay, both in Google Earth and Google Maps. Very useful and well executed.
  • Christian Spanring is working on a draft geo URI (Uniform Resource identifier) scheme. The effort even has a website. (Every time such a new scheme is proposed, I link back to my own humble proposal from many moons ago.)
  • From the Google Earth Community:


    My next petition is to rename it’s capital from Xankandi to Stepanakert.

    Some people are very difficult to please:-)

  • A page with direct links to a selection of KML files found on Google Earth Community, sorted by type.
  • I knew I’d forgotten a geocoder for a content management system somewhere: PleiadesGeocoder is a KML and GeoRSS plugin for Plone, a Python CMS. (Via Import Cartography)
  • 3D Live Stats is a prettily rendered virtual globe dedicated to just one thing — visualizing the whereabouts of your site visitors, live.

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  1. Hello, Ive just downloaded Google Earth. I noticed the images are from several years ago! How do I obtain the program for the most current images? Thanks, Mark

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