Google Earth gets a bugfix release

Google’s just release an update to Google Earth — it’s a maintenance release, and these are some specific bugs they’ve now fixed:

  • Occasional layer crash (when selecting “show core”)
  • Non-admin users can’t fetch network links of kmz files (kml works) – Rumsey and 3d buildings fail
  • Default to DX on Vista on first run due to poor OGL support
  • Index buffers aren’t endian safe – problem with buildings on PPC Mac
  • Crash in OGL visual context on cards that don’t support ARB_imaging
  • Toolbar Update for Vista – current toolbar won’t autoupdate on Vista

Once you download the latest version, your build numbers should be 4.0.2737 on the PC, 4.0.2736 on the Mac, and 4.0.2735. Source: The Google Earth team. Thanks!