Virtual globe conference calendar site goes live

University of Alaska Fairbanks’ John Bailey writes:

Since the sessions at AGU highlighted an interest in and need for this, I have put together a website that provides details on events involving the use of virtual globes in science:

The idea is that these are conferences, conference sessions, workshops, short courses, etc, that are specifically targeted at scientific use of virtual globes, rather than the technical aspects (e.g. Where 2.0, GeoWeb).

If anyone has an event that they think should be listed please let me know. [Email upon request — Stefan]

Also, please note a couple of impending deadline for currently listed events, most notably 15th Jan for those who wish to submit abstracts and present at the 2nd annual virtual globes scientific users conference (at the 5th ISDE).



Such conferences certainly seem to be proliferating, so this site is a great idea.