Short News: Army uses for Google Earth, FON wifi locations

  • Military site Strategy Page looks at the effect Google Earth had in 2006… among US troops:

    Google Earth’s major problem was not it’s ease-of-use, but the manner in which it showcased the shortcomings of the American NGA (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency). The NGA is responsible for taking the satellite photos, spiffing them up as needed, and getting them to the troops. Trouble is, the stuff still isn’t getting to the troops that need it, when they need it. This was made very obvious when Google Earth showed up, and demonstrated how you can get satellite images to anyone, when they need it, with minimal hassle.

    That was the case too for when disaster strikes — such as with Katrina and the quake in Pakistan during 2005.

  • An image of a brave new world that makes me very happy. It’s easy to be optimistic about the future when stuff like this is happening.
  • You may have heard of FON, a grassroots wifi network of Spanish origin that is Big in Japan. There is now a Google Maps mashup that shows you where the FON wifi hotspots are, and it comes with a KML link. (Via Going My Way, whose author is definitely an early adopter)
  • There’s a new Japanese Google Earth fan site on my radar screen: Noblesse Oblige. It comes with its own blog and wiki. I don’t understand much of it, but it looks promising:-)
  • Tip of the week from Valery:-) In Gmail, if you compose a new email message, you can add event info, and there, too, you can add KML files in the “Where” field:


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