Links: Interview with DigitalGlobe CEO, some good new blogs

So I can start my week with a clean slate, here’s what’s been in my queue:

  • The Denver Post interviews Jill Smith, CEO of DigitalGlobe. No hard-hitting questions about censorship, though:-)
  • Early 2007 has seen a mini surge in promising geoblogs. Here are some that have grabbed my attention of late:
    • — “Geography EarthScience and Mapping with a little news and my Favorite stuff”.
    • Google Earth Hacks blog — “Everything you need to know about Google Earth”. Mickey Mellen’s Google Earth Hacks was first out the starting gate as an independent repository for placemark collections, overlays and screenshots, and even today the site remains one of the largest and most active of its genre. The site’s news page languished for a while, but now it’s been relaunched as a group blog, and it looks promising. (Ogle Earth interviewed Mickey back in August 2005 — how innocent we all were then:-) Mickey’s also responsible for the first Google Earth game, GEWar.)
    • Mapperz — “The Map and GIS News Source Blog”, has been stepping up the pace recently, with a high ratio of original finds, mainly of interest to Maps coders and GIS developers.
  • Back in November, The City of San Jose Planning Division posted a video of the city in 3D. But now the days of watching San Jose passively are over — they’ve just posed the KMZ file with the buildings for all of the downtown.
  • Sandio’s new 3D game mouse, touted as being compatible with Google Earth, gets reviewed, sort of. (Via Oh Gizmo!)