Links: Google Earth Federal, MC Escher, VRCO Conduit

  • Yet another funny ending to an article (Google tailors Earth for DOD users):

    He was reluctant to disclose customers, but said the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, the Coast Guard and the state of Alabama through a grant from the Homeland Security Department use Google Earth products.

    That’s according to Rob Painter, director of Google Earth Federal, responsible for selling Google Earth Fusion and related products to US federal agencies, including the Department of Defense. I’m honestly curious: Is this technology exportable? Is it something Google is allowed to sell to Kenya, for example, or Sudan?

  • A lovely and original biography of MC Escher, illustrated with his own drawings and with views in Google Earth of the places that inspired them. A KML placemark collection lets you investigate all this content geospatially, at your leisure. Brought to you by Paul Dorsey.
  • More GUI goodness in this press release:

    Mechdyne Corporation today announced that its VRCO software division released Conduit for Google Earth Pro 4.0, a visualization middleware package that enables stereoscopic display of desktop-based imagery and viewing in multi-planar , large-scale immersive and interactive displays…

    Do check out this short but, er, immersive video. I’m surprised the guy can stand up at all. No price is given for Conduit, but I’m guessing that if you have to ask…

  • A datapoint: Not sure how significant this is but CondoDomain is moving from Virtual Earth to Google Maps because:

    Recently, Microsoft Virtual Earth has had difficulties rendering our Geo-coder in the new Firefox 2.0. Supposedly there is a fix for this (as we were told @ Inman Connect NYC), however, we have had zero response from Microsoft….so Microsoft, your out…Google is moving in!

    Is the internet mapping business so cut-throat that Google, Microsoft et al are now also going to have to offer free tech support to their free services to get people to develop for them?

  • Andrew Hudson-Smith & co’s Google Earth Panorama viewer makes it to Make: Blog. Greatness awaits.
  • David Riallant, he of Pict’Earth, the system for collecting aerial imagery from a lightweight drone and positioning it on Google Earth that made such a splash a few weeks ago, has started up a partnership and a blog with Valery Hronusov, he of Superoverlay, the application for chopping up large images into bit-sized ones so that Google Earth can display them more fluidly.
  • Franson’s lets you publish your GPS position from a GPS-enabled mobile phone to the internet, so friends can follow you around online in real time, including on Google Earth. Here‘s how it works. The only small print: You need to buy the software ($10) but there’s a free trial.

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  1. “I’m honestly curious: Is this technology exportable? Is it something Google is allowed to sell to Kenya, for example, or Sudan?”

    Hmm… why not? What’s so special in GE Fusion?

  2. Google Fusion would be regulated by the US Dept of Commerce, specifically, the Bureau of Industry and Security ( Google Fusion should be assigned an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). Regulations for each ECCN depend on the destination countries. Sudan and Cuba are the two most restricted countries at this time. Treasury and State would most likely also have something to say about Fusion export. See also: and

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