Google Earth version 4.0.27xx Beta out

There’s a (mostly) bugfix edition of Google Earth out, version 4.0.27xx Beta, with a build date of January 5. The changelog notes the following:

KML Notes:

  • <Update> no longer produces error messages when the “Show prompts for all errors” option is used

Major Fixes:

  • Improved performance and stability with large number of collada models
  • Mac specific bug for time data being shown incorrectly
  • All urls in description are now automatically converted to hyperlinks (wrap description with <html>…</html> to avoid this)

3 thoughts on “Google Earth version 4.0.27xx Beta out”

  1. Does anyone know what the proper way is to report bugs in these beta versions? (You’d think they want bug reports, considering it’s a beta…)

    I tried to report a nasty bug using the (somewhat broken) contact page about a month ago, but that doesn’t have any sections for bugs. All I got was an autoreply.

    A bit later, I posted to the support area of the Google Earth Community, but haven’t had a response either.

    The bug still appears in the new 4.0.2722 version.

    (I’ve got Google Earth Plus, and it’s supposed to have “Customer support via email (not just web)”, but how do you use that when they never tell you the email address?)

    The bug, by the way, causes images embedded in a description tag to be continually refreshed after 10 seconds, as long as the “bubble” is open. See the link above for details.

    – Michael

  2. I’ve narrowed it down a bit: this only happens for images with a timestamp at most 15 minutes old. (That explains why the Panoramio layer is not affected, for instance.)

    Now how to get the GE development team aware of this… :-?

    – Michael

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