Can’t touch this GUI

I so want to live in the future. Not too far off, just about to where I can afford me one of these. Or maybe two:

Note the appearance of Google Earth in the video. The person we can thank for this is Jeff Han. Fast Company has an article about him and the company set to produce these, Perceptive Pixel. Data Mining has more if you’re curious.

12 thoughts on “Can’t touch this GUI”

  1. I wanna know what kind of graphics processor they are using. Did you notice multiple videos playing at once?

  2. The best thing about this interface is that the person using it is standing up and moving his arms and body. Engaged like a human being. Like Hemingway, standing upright at his typewriter. Not sitting in a cube like a caged animal. Bravo.

  3. “Meh…It all just ripped from Minority Report anyway….”

    Actually multi-touch technology has been around for years, before Minority Report. It’s just never been very advanced or practical to use.

    Matter of fact, there was a hack made on macs a little while ago in which a multi-touch screen was made out of a plastic bag, some water that was dyed blue, a camera and a sheet of glass, essentially allowing you to make a multi-touch input device for a few bucks if you’ve got a good digital camera laying around.

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