Apple iPhone does Google Maps. Could Google Earth follow?

[Update 2009-10-27: Google Earth for iPhone is here! Read the story]

Steve Jobs has just been demoing the iPhone for the past hour and there is a puddle of drool forming on the floor here. I’ve been following live Engadget’s coverage and that of MacRumors. Jobs has just shown Google Maps as an application for the iPhone on what looks to be an incredibly sharp screen. Here’s a photo from Engadget’s coverage:


The only question on my mind right now (other than How am I going to be the first in Sweden to get my grubby paws on an iPhone) is this: The iPhone runs OS X. Will it run Google Earth? Perhaps with a little tweaking?

[Update 19:42 UTC: Check out the very impressive Maps on iPhone demo here.]

10 thoughts on “Apple iPhone does Google Maps. Could Google Earth follow?”

  1. Cingular sucks so bad in Arizona. I could care less unless T-Mobile or Verizon gets a hold of it. I doubt I could pick a worse carrier than Cingular. I’m skipping this for now.

    But I so want one. If the iPhone is “open” I’m sure Google will “port” Google Earth to that interface. If it really is Safari and it supports Java, WWJava is an option.

  2. James, maybe if you start running Google ads again, by the time you save up enough money they’ll have other carriers. But in any case, it does wifi, and that’s enough for me to buy one for Sweden, where there is no Cingular to be found.

  3. $599 isn’t that much money so if it ever came out CDMA I’d jump in a second. Well I guess it would be more because $599 is with a two year contract and I’d never sign something like that (though I might not have any choice).

  4. Just so you’re aware, the iPhone will be coming out in Europe later this year. It looks like an exciting product. The iPod family just keeps getting better and better.

  5. I’m just really interested to see how this will kick the competition into gear over the next couple of years, to try to come up with devices to compete with this. Just like the iPod, or even the Blackberry, eventually there immitators which I hope will bring some change & innovation into the market. I’d love to see more devices using a multi-touch type interface.

  6. Curiously for a mac zealot like myself, my next phone purchase will likely not be the iPhone, but the Nokia N95, because it has three things which the iPhone does not: Built in GPS, a 30fps full-sized video recorder with a quality lens, and a 5 megapixel camera. That makes it a fantastic gadget. I’ll have to get the iPhone for all the other features, but the holy grail is still an iPhone + video recorder + GPS + a quality camera.

  7. Hi everyones I would like to update the google earth in my iphone, how can I do that?

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