Google Earth 4.0.26xx Beta out

A new version of Google Earth 4 beta is out: 4.0.2693 for PC, 4.0.2694 for Mac. Go get it.

Of note are numerous bugfixes, performance tweaks, and improved options, but the one main feature addition that will make life easier for those of us who want to use Google Earth for presentations is that tours can now be made to display balloons. (Google announcement)

Complete change log below the fold. (Thanks Frank!)

Release notes:

  • Progress indicator for loading network links and models
  • Real-time GPS tracking using NMEA (Plus, Pro and EC)
  • Greatly improved performance for collada models (textured buildings)
  • Tours can display balloons (Tools->Options… then “Touring” tab)
  • Driving directions and touring allow a greater range for typed values
  • Mac movie-maker supports many more compression formats

KML notes:

  • Icon palettes are deprecated (no more root:// for the styles)
  • Improved performance on network link hierarchies

Major fixes since last beta:

  • Improved compatibility on shared memory architecture ATI graphics cards witholder graphics card drivers
  • Improved success rate of log in over unreliable connections
  • Fixed offline mode in Pro
  • Numerous GPS fixes (including GPX import)

4 thoughts on “Google Earth 4.0.26xx Beta out”

  1. “PC” means all x86(_64) compatible os’es? That’s great! :P … Give me new linux build!

  2. You’re right, there is a Linux version out as well, though I unfortunately don’t have a Linux box to play with.

  3. Oopss, Frank Taylor didn’t mention about Linux so I thought there hasn’t been new build for linux today, but as I have just checked it: there really is the new build: .2693 :) So Stefan: thank you for at least pointing that now out here :)

    Cheers from southest coast of Baltic Sea,


  4. The showing of buttons during tours is excellent. I’ve got loads of KMZs with photos in them and now I can set it looping through a tour by itself without me having to click on each placemark to show people what is inside.

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