Virtual Earth 3D: pre-first impression


You might think the above is some kind of editorial comment on last night’s US congressional election results, but in fact it is the view of Washington DC in Virtual Earth 3D, looking south. This is one of the disadvantages of burning your place names into the image raster:-)

I’ve just gotten off the plane from Taiwan, and still have lots to catch up on before I can get back to regularly scheduled blogging here, but I couldn’t resist having a quick look at VE3D. There is a lot to like there, and some things not so much, but I will leave that for a post later today (if I’m as efficient as I like to think I am about getting work done).

One thought on “Virtual Earth 3D: pre-first impression”

  1. Stefan, that is brilliant. (or not if your a VE developer) I have been reading alot of the buzz surrounding VE but haven’t come across this view yet. Makes you wonder.

    Look forward to your full review.

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