Short news: Vietnamese GPS, Juicy Geography blogs Google Earth

  • Worth promoting from the comments: Bernhard Sterzbach reports that he has updated his network link for serving Google Maps tiles in Google Earth. It now works with the newer API.
  • If you have a Garmin Map, you can display it and interact with it on some of the fancier new phones with a mobile application called Vietnamese GPS (beta). I haven’t tried it, but somebody quite talented seems to be building a mobile mapping solution from scratch.
  • Juicy Geography’s Google Earth page is turning into a blog, with RSS feed. Go there for tips on how to use Google Earth in the classroom.
  • Dave Bouwman professes to a little sticker shock at what ESRI ArcGIS Server is rumored to cost, especially if all he wants to do is to serve some map tiles. Considering that Arc2Earth will soon do this at a fraction of the cost, might Brian Flood’s application suddenly become a lot more popular? How can I go long Arc2Earth?:-)
  • An exceedingly slick promo video for Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D, shown at the launch of the service two weeks ago. This is Microsoft marketing firing on all cylinders. (Via Virtual Earth B2B)
  • Tagzania adds direct links for its bookmarked locations to both Live Local and World Wind. Example. Nice touch: Live Local’s 3D links degrade gracefully to 2D views if you’re not running Microsoft.

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