Short news: Plazes, 3D IP Lookup, Polar First

  • If you’re into Plazes, then you can now see Plazes users geolocated on Google Earth.
  • Bahrain’s Mahmood gets interviewed by the BBC (and Ogle Earth gets a mention!) Fast forward to 38:30.
  • Got Mac? Then check out this widget: 3D IP Lookup. Type in a URL, get the path from it to you served as KML. The KML still needs some polishing (hint: tessellate=1), but it works as advertised.
  • This looks like it could be fun to follow: A team will try to fly a helicopter from pole to pole and back… and will feed live data to a KML network link. Polar First is the site.
  • What has Valery Hronusov been up to this week? Leveraging the ability to put EditGrid spreadsheets and charts on any web page, updating them live inline, and seeing the result instantly in a network link. Amazing potential here.
  • Juicy Geography was also one of the lucky early recipients of a SpaceNavigator, and also gives it a positive review: “Younger test subjects (i.e. my 12 year old daughter and friends) have responded with huge enthusiasm.”
  • Christian Spanring finds what he needs in ArcGIS Explorer.
  • Mapperz findz 10 Downing Street in Google Earth but not ArcGIS Explorer.

2 thoughts on “Short news: Plazes, 3D IP Lookup, Polar First”

  1. The “tessellate” attribute for paths was already set to “1”. Apparently, it only works for paths whose height is clamped to ground, so I had to abandon paths with a given height relative to the ground to avoid the “path sinking into the earth” bug.

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