New Google Earth featured layers highlight Africa, history

In the featured content folder this afternoon, four new layers, of which two are real standouts: A sampling of the famous David Rumsey historical map collection is now available as precisely positioned high-resolution superoverlays…


… and African metadata for Google Earth gets a boost with some very pretty layers by Tracks4Africa‘s community mapping effort:


I love it when Google pushes educational and progressive uses for Google Earth.

(Just one piece of GUI awkwardness: I went looking for the transparency slider for the Rumsey maps, and found it, but it’s in the Places sidebar, above the Layers sidebar, and it only becomes visible if you click on the containing folder. That’s not intuitive, especially as the Places sidebar might not be visible at all.) (Via Google Earth Blog)

3 thoughts on “New Google Earth featured layers highlight Africa, history”

  1. I needed to install the lates GE even to find the Ramsey Collection.

    I would not have found the slider

    without your guidance.

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