Google Earth improves height mesh, updates imagery in time for Thanksgiving

Ah, now here is something to be truly thankful for: An update to Google Earth’s dataset. And not just to the imagery — to the height mesh as well. Check out the Matterhorn in Google Earth now:


And the Darfur region gets comprehensive high resolution coverage, which will make the work of humanitarian agencies easier while at the same time make it harder to deny the carnage going on there:


PenguinOpus posted the complete list of improvements to the Google Earth Community BBS here:

This morning, a terrain update occurred that corrects many of the holes in the SRTM data. This greatly improves the appearance of Mt. Everest, Matterhorn, and others in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Also included are imagery updates:

  • 12 high-resolution cities in Germany (Bayreuth, Bochum, Castrop-Rauxel, Fulda, Hof, Mannheim, Marburg, Potsdam, Schweinfurt, Siegen, Unna Froendenberg, Wuerzburg)
  • 6 high-resolution regions in the UK (Bridgend, Cleveland, Dundee, Plymouth, Poole, Rochford)
  • 31 city updates from Digital Globe
  • entire island of Oahu
  • Imagery from individual cities/counties: Grants Pass, OR; City of Kent, WA; Salem, OR; Douglas County, WA; Hartford County, MD; Jackson County, OR; Summit County, OR;
  • Expanded/updated coverage for the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Florida
  • Darfur
  • 66 Islands
  • improved SF/Bay area water

6 thoughts on “Google Earth improves height mesh, updates imagery in time for Thanksgiving”

  1. “Bridgend, Cleveland, Dundee, Plymouth, Poole, Rochford” – now that is just random! still going to have to go and have a look though :) thanks for letting us know ;)

  2. very nice but google should provide 3d pictures of all “monuments & wonders” at least like the 3d pic of “colorado river view”.

  3. Yay! They fixed Machi Piccu. That place as been a smooth slope since forever, Rivers running up hill and a wildly switchbacked road on flat ground. But now it’s got the rugged height map under it it looks much better. Good one Google!

  4. Indeed they fixed Machu Picchu, but it now appears that all the terrain improvements for South America that were incorporated on November 23, including Machu Picchu, have been withdrawn. Can someone please explain?

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