Virtual globes at AGU: Session schedule ready

John E. Bailey has just posted the schedule for the sessions on Virtual Globes at the 2006 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco on 11-15 December, 2006.

[Hint: Click on the title or image of each session component to get a more detailed abstract.]

Lots of good stuff is listed, including a number of fascinating-sounding projects that have yet to be released publicly — they certainly haven’t been blogged here. Google Earth dominates the category, NASA World Wind has a good showing, and EarthSLOT makes an appearance. Conspicuous by its absence are demos of ESRI ArcGIS Explorer. Is it not a virtual globe? Shouldn’t it be ready by December?

If you’re making a presentation and have slides, links, KML or a website you’d like to show off beforehand or to the people who can’t make it (sigh) do send it along to, and I’ll gladly write it up on Ogle Earth.

One thought on “Virtual globes at AGU: Session schedule ready”

  1. Thanks Stefan!

    Its also worth mentioning that Geofusion is another great Virtual Globe that will be represented by a couple of presentations.

    We would have loved ESRI to be involved, but either our overtures weren’t received or were wrongly directed…I’ll take the blame on that one!



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